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There are a variety of ways in which donations can be made to Mercy Logistics:

  • Resources - receiving donations of appropriate, good quality, reusable equipment, goods and resources is vital to our work. We can then give these resources (which may have been deemed obsolete or surplus to requirements in the UK) - a new lease of life - and transport them to well-run, accountable projects where they can continue to transform the lives of many more people across the globe - helping to develop knowledge, skills and experience - creating a legacy of hope and opportunity.
  • Gifts 'in kind' - we greatly value gifts-in-kind - although not necessarily physical, the donations of free expertise, technical input and support have a tremendous impact on our operations. They enable us to direct the finance that would have been absorbed in these channels into the most financially demanding aspects of our work - helping us to be effective as possible!
  • Finance - without financial support and corporate sponsorship, our job would be much harder to do, smaller in scale and limited in potential. We actively seek financial contributions - whether one-off gifts or long term sponsorship. Every donation, small or large is wonderful to receive, and due to the way in which we operate, the value of every pound multiplies itself in value - achieving much more!
  • Time - and yes, this is crucial too! The time that volunteers offer is another vital aspect of our work. People's generosity with their time is also a key part of our work.


The following is a list of the types of items we welcome as donations:

Reference books, Text books, Blank exercise books, writing supplies, AV equipment, Computers/ICT equipment, School desks, chairs and furniture, White/black boards, Play equipment etc.

Hospital beds, furniture, specialist operating equipment, sterile medical supplies etc

Office equipment (desks, chairs etc), Sports/recreation equipment, Stationary and craft supplies, Toys, Musical instruments/equipment, PA equipment (speakers, cables, amplifiers etc), Agricultural equipment

For all offers of donations or enquiries specifically related to donating, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If your company would like to be a partner with us, as well as donating equipment, services-in-kind etc, then please view our Corporate Partners page.





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